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Simple Name Practice

Here's a quick and simple name recognition and spelling activity that also ads in a dash of fine motor sticker skills.


What you need:

  • paper

  • sharpie

  • dot stickers


This one doesn't need much in the way of explanation. I was surprised to discover my kiddo, who has been able to "spell" his name for years, was actually reciting it, not spelling it. To help connect his rote recitation to actual letters, I wanted to come up with a way to practice his name without having to take pen to paper himself.

To set it up, I put my kid's name in dots across the top of a sheet of paper for reference, then wrote out his name a bunch of times, leaving one empty space each time. Then I wrote letters on the dots.

Then I handed it over and let him complete his name with the dots! In hindsight, I wish I had traced a circle in the spots where he needed to put a dot, as my spacing left a bit to be desired and confused him a couple of times. (In other projects I traced a quarter and it was perfect.) If your child is old enough for this activity, they are probably pretty solid on their colors, but this is also a good opportunity to reinforce, especially if you have some colors they don't often see or name. You can move beyond "green" to "lime green," for example.

Have fun!

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