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Turkey Centerpiece

Looking to add some cheer to your Thanksgiving table this year? Look at this adorable centerpiece my Mother-In-Law came up with! This is 100% her idea, so I take no credit, but it's simply too cute not to share!


What you need:

  • gourd with a stem

  • skewer/knife

  • large craft feathers

  • red pipe cleaner

  • Mr/Mrs Potato Head parts (eyes/feet)


  • large googlie eyes


This is an easy one! Poke holes using the skewer in your gourd for the feathers. Big kids can probably do this, but it does take a bit of muscle. If you need to widen the holes, that's what the knife is for. Have your little one stick the feathers into the holes.

Make a hole above the stem for the eyes. Cut your pipe cleaner in half and twist it. Put the eyes into the hole and trap the pipe cleaner under them. Set your turkey into the Mr. Potato Head feet (ours just sat in them like a base.) No Mr. Potato Head? Try gluing on some googlie eyes and felt feet. Or go even simpler and grab a sharpie for eyes and more pipe cleaners for feet.

You're done! Yay! Happy Thanksgiving and a big shout out to my MIL for this adorable craft idea!

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