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Pom Pom Math

Math time! I'm always looking for ways to introduce math concepts while keeping things fun. And if I can add in some fine motor? Win! For this activity you only need simple items and set up is a breeze.


What you need

  • two egg cartons

  • painter's tape

  • pom poms

  • tongs or tweezers


Set up as pictured above: egg carton plus egg carton equals square. Then have your kiddo tong a few pom poms into each egg carton. Count out how many are in each, ie the first one has 5 the second has 2. So 5 + 2 = ? See if they can figure it out and then have them either tong/tweezer or pinch up the pom poms (or dump if they get frustrated) into the square and double check their guess by counting them all. Remind them what the equation was to reinforce. 7! 5, plus 2 more, equals 7!

See? Math skills, plus fine motor skills, equals parenting win!

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