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About this mom that makes...

The Story

Watching my own crafty mother as a child, I grew up with a desire to create new things from no things. Mom was always willing to let me "help" and encouraged me to try things for myself. I quickly learned you didn't have to be an expert  to jump in and try it out. Perhaps it isn't the most efficient method, but experience (and failure) are great teachers. I learned best by giving something a go, seeing what didn't work, then correcting and trying again. The satisfaction of simply working hard and puzzling something out was intoxicating and a life long crafter was born.

I have always enjoyed making things for myself and others, little projects for my dorm room, art for my apartment, silly crafts for a friend's birthday, and nearly always biting off more than I could chew, but eventually figuring it out as I went.


When I moved to NYC to pursue a performing career (you can find out all about that here), I began babysitting as my "day" job and my crafting naturally evolved to include crafts with and for children. I really enjoyed showing up to babysit with new things to make or do or play, and the kids and parents loved it, too. It was actually quite self serving. I had fun, they had fun, and I got more and more work because who doesn't love a sitter who shows up with googley eyes and pipe cleaners?  

Once I became a mother myself, crafting for my own pleasure or just for the heck of it has given way to mostly crafting with and for my son. But every now and then I carve out time to create something for our home or just as a way to relax in the evenings and I still keep up my annual tradition of making a personalized christmas ornament for friends and family.


I know the internet is inundated with mom blogs, but eventually found there were quite a few people asking me how I made this or that. I decided putting it all in a blog would be easier than trying to remember exactly how many drops of food coloring I used or where I bought which feathers and then relaying all that information by text or hurried playground conversation (all while making sure my kid didn't actually succeed at catching a pigeon.)  

So if you are an old friend, fellow mom, or just a crafter who happened to stumble across this site, I am grateful that you are here and I hope you find it useful, inspiring, and fun for you and your family. 

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