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Fill In The Sound

When your pre-k or kinder is working on phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills here is a simple way to practice beginning and ending sounds.


What you need:

  • paper (i use a roll, you can tape several sheets together)

  • old magazine

  • scissors

  • markers

  • tape or school glue/glue stick

  • post-its


I recently bought a giant roll of paper, and I LOVE it. I use it so much. But if you don't have one, you can tape a bunch of printer paper together or whatever works to get yourself a large surface.

Skim through an old magazine and cut out pictures with clear beginning and ending sounds.

Draw a line down your sheet to divide it in half. On one side, tape or glue your pictures with a clear starting sounds (Hat, Bird, Sun, etc,) and on the other side place the pictures with clear ending sounds (Cup, Rat, Pig, etc.) Then write out each word, leaving either the starting sound or the ending sound blank. I outlined a square the size of a post-it to keep things clear. Next, write out upper and lower case letters on your post its and stick them near by. Make sure you have the ones you will need to fill in the sheet appropriately, then add extras.

The set up on this one may take longer than the activity depending on how far along your kiddo is in phonemic awareness, but the grand scale of it makes it a welcome change from sitting down to a workbook and your over-the-top praise will be just the push needed to keep learning to read fun and fulfilling.

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