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Complete the Patterns

Here's a way to work on pattern recognition while sneaking in a little fine motor with stickers. Coffee optional.


What you need:

  • paper (I used 11X13)

  • sticker dots of various colors (or you could use dab a dot markers or similar

  • quarter

  • marker


I like to write the "instructions" on top, so that's where I started. Then I created a pattern in each row, starting out easy and getting progressively harder. I left one or sometimes two holes in each row for my 4 year old to plug in by tracing a quarter.

He was quite good at this, but when he would get stuck I would help him say the pattern out loud and that would usually help him figure it out without additional prompting.

Then on the back I had him make his own patterns by tracing a straight line for him to put the dots along.

Can you guess his favorite color? Let me know how this goes for you and your kiddo! You can comment here or tag me on Facebook or Instagram @thismommakes.

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