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Feed The Birds

We kicked off our Earth Day weekend with these sweet and simple bird feeders which are not only made of recycled material but are fully biodegradable. Basically, these little fellas make the world smile.


What you need:

  • Birdseed

  • Paper towel/toilet paper tubes

  • Peanut butter (additive free)

  • Plate or bowl

  • Spatula


Start off by cutting your paper towel tubes in fourths, or if you have toilet paper tubes you can cut them in half.

Pour your birdseed in a bowl.

Next, slather those puppies in peanut butter. Please try to find one that contains just peanuts. Many brands have additives like xylitol which I know is bad for dogs so I'm gonna assume isn't great for wildlife either.

Roll it in the bird seed. That's it!

I put my tubes in a large plastic storage bin to make taking them outside easier.

My toddler isn't a fan of being sticky, so he preferred simply playing in the seeds to doing the actual rolling. We traced letters and numbers in the seeds, too.

Then we headed outside. You can slip these tubes right on to tree branches.

It may take the birds a little while to find them. But we discovered it didn't take the squirrels long at all! We didn't mind - they need to eat too!

Happy Earth Day!

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