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Finger Print Easter Cards

Want to send Easter cards with a real personal "touch?" (See what I did there?) Try these finger print cards!


What you'll need:


Start out by cutting your folder and paper. You can swap out the folder for construction paper, I just liked the thicker weight of the folder and the fact it gave me a white back to write on. I cut my cards so that they would fit in our standard size business envelopes.

Time to get your kiddos messy. A thumb print in pink for the bunny, a thumb print in orange for the sun, and a few little fingers in yellow for some chicks!

Allow your paint to dry, then add some little faces to your dots.

Any stray paint can simply become extra decoration!

Glue onto your folder.

Glue on a few strands of paper Easter grass and your cards are done! (Please don't ever buy plastic easter grass. Like ever. It is terrible for our planet.) A personalized note to Grandma on the back and you can pop those cuties in the mail to brighten someones day.

This post contains amazon affiliate links. If you plan to purchase any of these items, please consider using the above links to do so to help "keep the lights on" here at ThisMomMakes. Thanks!

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