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Hello there, crafty! Welcome to This Mom Makes, a website where I share whatever crafty thing that happens to catch my fancy. Crafts include things you make for your kids, things you make with your kids, and things you make just for you. You can find my blog below, or you can see blog posts organized by age/topic under the "crafts" link. For more about me, check out the "about" link and be sure to connect on facebook, instagram, and youtube to stay up to date on all things crafty. Time to get making!

Turkey Centerpiece

Looking to add some cheer to your Thanksgiving table this year? Look at this adorable centerpiece my Mother-In-Law came up with! This is...

Pom Pom Math

Math time! I'm always looking for ways to introduce math concepts while keeping things fun. And if I can add in some fine motor? Win!

Little Speckled Frog

A simple craft from things you likely have around the house, make this jumping frog for a hopping good time!

Heavier or Lighter

Here's a STEM activity to introduce weight/mass, measuring, categorizing, graphing, and even touch on the scientific method.

Stringing Cereal

An easy activity, snack time treat, and a little fine motor practice all in one? Sign us up!

Simple Coin Sort

This activity is so simple you may find you bust it out every few weeks.

Pasta Play

Who says not to play with your food! It not only keeps them happy (and contained) but works on problem solving, sensory play, and fine motor

Chill Skills

Little people can have BIG feelings. Here's a tool for calming down and restoring peace.

Complete the Patterns

Here's a way to work on pattern recognition while sneaking in a little fine motor with stickers. Coffee optional.

Self Portrait

Time for a little self-reflection with this life-sized self portrait.


Puzzles are great for growing brains. Here's a way to take your puzzle time to the next level. Bonus - it can double as a baby activity.

Dice For Easy Math

Dice are a great tool for introducing and practicing multiple math concepts.

Simple Name Practice

Here's a quick and simple name recognition and spelling activity that also ads in a dash of fine motor sticker skills.

Pom Pom Roll

I know you're all rationing your paper products during this Covid-19 period, but if you haven't been saving your empty tubes, start now!...

Fill In The Sound

When your kiddo is working on phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills here is a simple way to practice beginning and ending sounds.

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