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Hello there, crafty! Welcome to This Mom Makes, a website where I share whatever crafty thing that happens to catch my fancy. Crafts include things you make for your kids, things you make with your kids, and things you make just for you. You can find my blog below, or you can see blog posts organized by age/topic under the "crafts" link. For more about me, check out the "about" link and be sure to connect on facebook, instagram, and youtube to stay up to date on all things crafty. Time to get making!

Little People Rescue

Need 10 minutes to shower? Make a phone call? Here's a way to keep your barnacle baby for... well, about 10-15 blissful minutes.

Henri Matisse Lesson

Here's a project you can do over the course of a day or several days while learning about the artist, Henri Matisse.

I'm back!

I know I disappeared for a while, but I was making something very special... my second child! I'm not exactly sure where the year has gone,

Autumn Sensory Bin with Dyed Chickpeas

Our sensory bin needed a refresh and with fall in the air we decided to go with an autumn theme and try our hands at dying garbanzo beans ak

Autumn Garland from Paint Samples

Here's a fall project to spruce up your home that is perfect for crafty parents to make during nap time or with older children.

Alphabet Soup - Sensory Calm Down Bottle

We've been into letters around here lately so when I came across some letters at the store, I thought it would be fun to make them into a...

Sandy Footprints

Ever wish you could capture those adorable sandy footprints (and handprints) your kiddo is leaves in his wake at the beach? Here's an...

Colorful Sand Jar

We had left over color sand from our sand paintings and decided to bring some of the beach magic home to use as a bookend. This one is as...

Colorful Sand Paintings

We are squeezing out the last delicious drops of summer with a trip to the beach! Here's a way to "paint" with some colorful s

Watermelon Fan

Happy National Watermelon Day! Beat the heat with this watermelon fan!

4th of July Fireworks Sign

Need to add a little last minute pizzaz to your Fourth of July party prep? Here's a quick festive sign you can make using things you lik

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Celebrate Independence Day by flying a kite of your own making.

Googly-Eyed Mush Monsters

We made some mushy, goopy, and frightening(ly easy) monsters - with zero mess!

Colorful Stick Mobile

Channel your inner Calder and make this colorful, nature-inspired mobile.

Squeeze Ball Chick

Here's a baby chick you are allowed to cuddle and encouraged to squeeze. Easily made from things you may already have lying around.

Pom Pom Chick

Here's a simple fuzzy chick your little one can cuddle and kiss all she wants!

Rainbow Beans Sensory Bin

Rainbow rice sensory bin was such a hit at our house that when it came time to freshen it up we decided to try out something new. Enter: Rai

Taste Safe Slime

Here is taste safe slime, made from just two ingredients you probably already have that is perfect for some messy play with even the tiniest

Brush Your Teeth

Celebrate and prepare for a trip to the dentist by "brushing" a tooth to make your very own tooth painting!

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