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Stringing Cereal

An easy activity, snack time treat, and a little fine motor practice all in one? Sign us up! This encourages hand strength/control and endurance (told him he could eat however many he could string on in 20 minutes) and you can even work in some pattern practice or color recognition if you wanted. And the bonus - no need to prepare a midday snack, since your kiddo did it for ya.


What you need

  • clean shoelace (or modify with yarn/string plus tape, see below)

  • "colorful loops" as my son calls them, or other tasty, stringable cereal


Not rocket science, I'm sure you could take it from here, but just to give you my pro tips: Tie a large knot in one end to keep cereal from slipping off. If you don't have a shoe lace it could be hard to use yarn/string since it doesn't have a tip like a shoelace. You can create one by using some scotch tape on one end. Hand them over to your kid and let them go to town on their own, or you can level it up depending on their age by encouraging them to name colors or make patterns.

When they're done, they can wear it, they can eat it, they can use it as a lasso for the dog - whatever makes 'em happy. Done and done. Let me see your kids giving it a go by tagging me on instagram or facebook @thismommakes!

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