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Simple Coin Sort

This activity is so simple you may find you bust it out every few weeks. It's good for fine motor practice and helps your child learn the names and values of coins (something they are generally expected to know by 1st grade) as well as categorizing and counting.


What you need

  • paper

  • markers

  • bowl of coins

  • coffee (optional)


To prep this activity, get a bowl and toss in a couple of handfuls of coins. On your sheet of paper, make 4 columns and label them - Quarter, Dime, Nickel, & Penny with the corresponding values. It might help your younger child if you place one example coin by each label. Along the bottom I made a space for "total" and further divided that section.

Then let your child sort all the coins from the bowl. Here's where the coffee comes in, because you might just have a few minutes to enjoy one.

Once sorting is complete, have your child count how many coins are in each column and write the number in the bottom. Then you can choose how to help them figure out how much money that translates to, depending on their age. Finally, help them discover the grand total (this a great time to teach them how a calculator works) for all the coins. Wash hands when you're done - money is gross.

And there ya have it! Counting, Math, Coin recognition, pincer skills, and you enjoyed a coffee. Ahhh.

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