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Self Portrait

Time for a little self-reflection with this life-sized self portrait. Easy to set up and a good opportunity to give your kiddo a chance to color in a different position than usual (which I've heard is important), this craft can also give you a second to slip away for an uninterrupted bowl of cereal.


What you need:

  • roll of craft paper

  • painter's tape

  • crayons

  • (optional) mirror


Tape down a sheet of paper large enough to trace your kid on. Trace your kid.

Hand them the crayons and the mirror and step away! It's fun to see how your children themselves.

We hung our's up on our son's door and now we high-five it every time we go by. I would love to see how your's turn out! Post a picture in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram and tag @thismommakes

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