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Pom Pom Roll

I know you're all rationing your paper products during this Covid-19 period, but if you haven't been saving your empty tubes, start now! We always keep tubes around as they come in handy for about a million different projects or at minimum, dog chews.

Today we used ours to concoct a pom pom run to hit the oft neglected "e" (engineering) in our STEM play. This is fun across lots of ages as the young ones can watch you build and play with the result and your bigger kids can do the trial and error to get it working properly.


What you need:

  • toilet paper/paper towel tubes

  • masking tape

  • small pom poms (or marbles or squashed into a ball foil - just something round)

  • scissors

  • markers (optional)


To add some pizzaz we busted out some markers to decorate our tubes. Even the little dude could help.

Next up is taping the tubes to your wall (or window). This involves some trial and error. I also cut some tubes so on one end so the balls fell in easier. (a view from above)

And now for free play! I added a small cup to catch the pom poms at the bottom (cap from shaving cream, I think?) The pom poms are NOT baby friendly, so if you have a little one, make sure you keep them out of their hands (and mouths). Here's ours in all it's slow motion glory:

Let me see how yours turns out! Post a video or picture below or tag @thismommakes on instagram!

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