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Pasta Play

Who says not to play with your food! Honestly, this is so easy it doesn't really warrant a blog post, but I want to put it up so parents looking for ideas of stuff to occupy the baby (or older kids!) can find it. It not only keeps them happy (and contained) but works on problem solving, sensory play, and fine motor skills.


What you need

  • variety of pasta (cooked)

  • old containers and kitchen tools

  • scissors/toys (for older kids)


I'm sure you can figure this one out on your own but here is what I did. Boiled the pasta and let it cool. Cut a hole in the top of an old take out container. Handed both the baby. At first, he ate fistfuls of the pasta (guess he was hungry) but once he had his fill the play commenced. I did this right after breakfast to avoid said pasta binge, but it didn't seem to matter.

My big kid (pre-k) jumped in too. He brought cars and used the lasagna as streets. He cut them with scissors (hello scissor skills)

Then he rolled one up and pretended it was a flute.

Then he ate a ton of it. Then he threw it at his brother who threw it back. So clearly, we had a messy good 'ole time and you may be surprised what your kids come up with, carb loading aside. Let me see those pictures of your littles playing with pasta by tagging me on Facebook or Instagram @thismommakes ! Enjoy!

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