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Little People Rescue

Need 10 minutes to shower? Make a phone call? Eat your breakfast? Here's a way to keep your littlest busy for... well, about 10-15 blissful minutes. The downside? It takes about 5 minutes to prep, but it is super easy. So my recommendation is to throw this together some night while you are eating your night chocolate and catching up on your Hulu queue so you can bust it out the next day when you need a little space from your barnacle baby.


What you need:

  • baking sheet

  • masking tape

  • little people or other small, baby friendly toys


We have amassed quite a hoard of Little People. (What would you call a group of Little People? A pack? A herd? A murder? A confusion? I digress...) For this activity I nabbed as many as I could find and a roll of masking tape. I pulled out a baking sheet and then I taped each of the Little people to the back of the baking sheet. That's it. My tape was rather wide, so I ripped each strip in half, but it's truly a no brainer.

Then stash that thing away until you are desperate to put down your stage four clinger and let him dribble his new tooth lubricant all over these guys. You know your kid and how much non-food objects they try to consume. If you think your kid will eat the tape, then of course stay close and supervise.

Your welcome! If you have an extra minute in your 10 minutes of having both hands free, snap a picture and let me see how you are spending your mini break!

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