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Edible Construction Cones for Birthday Parties

Do you have a digger obsessed little one? Looking for ideas for a construction themed birthday party? Well here is an fun, easy, and yummy way to jazz up your party decor!

These tasty little fellas are fully edible, perfectly adorable, and stuffed full of colorful mini M&Ms. Here's what you need to make your own:

The first step is to fill your cones with the mini m&m's. This is a good step to involve little hands. They can practice pouring or scooping. Just prepare to lose some candy to "taste testing" and the floor. I used a muffin tin to hold the filled cones and keep them from spilling everywhere.

Next, break your graham crackers in half to make squares. Warning! This is harder than you think! You may want to have more graham crackers on hand, as I only had about a 70% success rate in breaking them, even vaguely, along the line. Place them on a baking sheet. I lined mine with foil for easier (read: lazy) clean up.

At this point, I paused to make my royal icing and and loaded up my piping tool. Pipe icing around the rim of the filled cones and "glue" a graham cracker square on top, as centered as you can manage. Be careful flipping them right side up, as it takes a few minutes for the icing to set.

Here comes the fun part - spray painting food! I suggest you do this step outside, or at least far away from anything you don't want tinged orange.

Give 'em some time to dry and voila! Adorable decorations you can eat! Your little construction worker will be thrilled. I paired this with some homemade construction cakes, a cheesy homemade sign, construction themed plates and napkins, "hard" hats and inflatable hammers.

Happy Crafting!

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