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Dice For Easy Math

Dice are a great tool for introducing and practicing multiple math concepts. In just 30 minutes our game had us practicing counting, number recognition, tally marks, and addition. Here is what we did, and of course you can tailor your games to your child's skill level.


What you need:

  • dice

  • markers

  • paper

  • tray (option for wild rollers)


My goals for this were learning to recognize the dice numbers without having to count each dot, so the first thing I did was draw the dice along the top of a piece of paper and create a column for each. Then I had my son roll one die at a time, tell me what number it was, and then we made a tally mark under that number. He isn't quite old enough to understand skip counting yet, so I didn't get too deep into tally marks. I just explained that it made it easier to keep track of how many times we had rolled each number by grouping them into bundles of five so I wouldn't have to count each and every line. Depending on your kiddo's skill level, you can tailor that part of the lesson. After oodles of rolling and loads of tally marks, we counted out how many times we rolled each number.

Now that he was familiar with the dice, we turned over the paper to do some addition practice. Again, you can tailor this to your child's age and skill level. For us, I drew square + square = circle. I had him roll two dice and I drew the dots on the the squares to make it look like the dice. I had him say the equation out loud as I wrote it down. Then I had him put the dots into the circle. So let's say we rolled a 4 and a 1. I drew the dice, we wrote out 4+1= and then I had him put 4 dots into the circle, then 1 dot into the circle, then count them up. 5! Then we would finish our written equation with 5.

Hopefully this can give you a new fun twist on some math skills to keep math fun and interesting for both of you. Let me know how you adapted this to fit your child's skill level. I would love to see your creative ideas!

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