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I'm back!

Hello, Friends!

I know I disappeared for a while, but I was making something very special... my second child! I'm not exactly sure where the year has gone, but it went, and This Mom Makes was put on pause.

I wasn't sure if I would ever come back to this blog. It is a bit of a labor of love and as of yet I don't have a huge reach, so I wasn't sure if it was worth the time and energy to keep putting out content. But then, the world got a little topsy turvey.

With COVID-19 ravaging our home (we are in NYC) and school canceled I have found myself trying to come up with creative and easy learning projects on a daily basis, with very limited supplies. Based on posts from my online communities, I am not alone in this struggle. I have also noticed an uptick in how many people are visiting my site daily, checking out my old posts as well as new instagram followers. So I guess if there is ever a time to jump back in and put out ideas for families, now is it!

This is a scary, strange time for all of us, and like so many of you, I feel small and helpless. All I can do is sit tight, stay home, and love on my family. So posting a few fun ideas for YOUR families makes me feel like I am contributing in so me small, positive way. If even one family finds 15 minutes of joy from something I post, then it will have been worth it.

People are fond of quoting Mr. Rogers about "looking for the helpers" in times of crisis... but he wasn't talking to us adults, he was talking to children... reminding the children to look for the helpers... his message to us adults was to BE the helpers. So whatever YOU can do - do it. Be a helper. Choose love, have patience, breathe deeply, and take each day as it comes. Love to you all and thank you for your support. And as always, if you chose to do one of these crafts or activities, post a picture for me on the blog post or tag me on instagram. It makes my day.

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