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Sandy Footprints

Ever wish you could capture those adorable sandy footprints (and handprints) your kiddo is leaves in his wake at the beach? Here's an easy way to do just that!


What You'll Need:

  • Plaster of paris

  • Ziplock

  • Measuring cup


Pick up some plaster of paris - it's really cheap (got this whole thing for $3.50 and you can find it at craft stores or in the home improvement section with the spakling type stuff.

It sets up quickly after mixing with water, so I suggest prepping this craft before heading down for the beach and mixing it (with salt water) once you are ready to pour it into the prints. Here's what I did:

Check the instructions on the box, but I think most mixes are 2 parts dry mix to 1 part water. So I measured out two cups of dry mix into a large ziplock, then tossed in the measuring cup so I could easily scoop up the appropriate amount of water. Here's a tip for scooping the dry mix into the ziplock so it doesn't fall or spill all over: put the ziplock into a large glass and fold it over the edges.

Between the sand, the water, and the toddler, I was not able to take any pictures of the process, but here's what we did.

Finding the "right" sand to capture prints can be tricky. You need it to be soft and a little wet. Ultimately you want to get the deepest foot/hand prints you can, which is extra tricky with small kids who don't weigh much. Play around with it, let your kiddo run and see if you can get a couple. Or you can even "cheat" and make just the right mixture in a bucket or similar and help them put their feet or hands in. (I did this for the handprint)

Once you have some good prints, measure out the water and add it to the bag of dry mix. Seal the bag and mix it around being careful not to leave any clumps. It will warm up (so be sure to keep it off your skin at all times) and will begin to harden within 5 minutes. Once it is mixed well, pour it into your prints and allow to dry 30-40 minutes.

I found the footprints to be rather fragile since they were very thin in the arch, so keep that in mind when handling.

There ya go, some adorable sandy hands and tootsies you can keep!

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