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Colorful Sand Jar

We had left over color sand from our sand paintings and decided to bring some of the beach magic home to use as a bookend. This one is as simple as raiding your recycling.


What You'll Need:


  • Glue

  • Shell


First you will need enough colored sand to fill your jar. You can see how we made ours here. The basic idea is simply food coloring and sand.

We polished off a jar of pickles while at the beach (my kid loves pickles!) So we washed it out and peeled off the label. Any kind of clear glass jar with a lid that seals will work. The larger it is, the heavier the jar will be - so if you plan to use it as a bookend like we are, you will want something with some heft.

If the label is giving you trouble, try using GooGone or good ole fashioned baking soda and vinegar (make a paste and scrub the label with it). The dishwasher can also be an ally to getting off the goop.

Pour your sand in your jar! Simple as that! We did alternating colors (dictated by the toddler) in rows. Tap down and give a gentle shake between colors to help it settle, you will want the jar to be as full as possible. Once it's filled to the top, press it down and put on the top.

You can be done here if you want. Looks great as is!

Or, if you want to jazz it up a bit (my little guy did) you can decorate the lid. If I had paint with us, I probably would have painted the lid to better mask its pickle jar-ness, but since we didn't we just used a sand dollar we found and simply glued it to the lid. Presto!

Hope you enjoy your jar an it reminds you of the magic of your vacation!

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