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4th of July Fireworks Sign

Need to add a little last minute pizzaz to your Fourth of July party prep? Here's a quick festive sign you can make using things you likely already have around the house.


What You Need:


Go ahead and write out your eventual message on your poster board with a pencil or pen. That way they won't have to compete with your fireworks later.

Get your paper tubes and snip around one end. You can experiment with how thick/thin and how long/short you go, but I found the longer, thinner ones to make the best looking fireworks.

Squeeze out some glue on a plate. I lined mine with foil for easy clean up.

Dip the splayed end of your paper tube in the glue and stamp it on your poster.

Once you've added as many fireworks as you want, add on the glitter!

Tap off the excess glitter. (We got a little messy at this point, but it was fun.)

Ta da! Fireworks!

Once the glue has dried, go over your message in paint (or marker) and jazz up your party! In hindsight, I think this could look super rad on black poster board. We'll have to give that a go next year!

Let me see how your's turned out in the comments below!

This post contains amazon affiliate links. If you plan to purchase any of these items, please consider using the above links to do so to help "keep the lights on" here at ThisMomMakes. Thanks!

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