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Googly-Eyed Mush Monsters

We made some mushy, goopy, and frightening(ly easy) monsters - with zero mess! These funny little creatures let your little monster unleash his creativity, enjoy a sensory activity, and practice his fine motor skills by mushing around these bags of "goo" and positioning googly eyes wherever his imaginations wants.


What you'll need:


Start out by drawing some friendly or fearsome monsters on an 8X11 sheet of paper. Trial and Error Tip (here-to-fore known as T&ET) : Draw two per sheet but leave at least a 1/2 inch boarder around the page - most freezer bags are not 11inches wide so some of your monster wont fit under the bag if you go all the way to the edge like I did.

Hopefully you found or have some super cheap clear hair gel. (Ours was in the discount bin.) I had four monsters so I divided up the whole tube into four containers and added some food coloring to each. T&ET: don't get as heavy handed on the food coloring as I did. I used about 4 drops per color but I think 2 would be best as mine turned out darker than I would have liked.

Stir them up!

Put two colors per bag, one on each side. A blob is fine for now. Add in some googly eyes.

Gently press out the gel, keeping each color to its respective side and letting the googly eyes get in the gel, then carefully work out as many air bubbles as you can before sealing the bag. T&ET: seriously, get those bubbles out. I slacked on this a bit and regretted it later.

Next place your bags on top of your monster drawings. I found it helpful to tape them down to a hard surface. You could tape them down directly to a table or floor, or what I did was use some hard placemats we have.

Get mushing! This kept my little guy busy for longer than I expected and he keeps asking to play with them a couple of times over the past few days, so I guess it is a hit.

Let me see how yours turn out!

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