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Squeeze Ball Chick

We are following up on my son's desire to cuddle and squeeze the adorable baby chicks that recently hatched, because who doesn't want to squeeze those little fluff balls? But of course, they don't much care for it. So, along with these pom pom chicks, we made these squeeze ball chicks as an alternative.


What you'll need:

  • Balloon (yellow)

  • Flour (at least 1c)

  • Funnel

  • Spoon

  • Sharpies (black and orange)


I imagine you can figure this one out on your own, but I did discover a few tips and tricks I will share.

Start by putting your balloon on your funnel with the tip of the funnel extending all the way past the neck of the balloon. Spoon the flour into the funnel.

You will discover that the ballon fills up but is not firm. To make the ballon firm and full, you need to alternate pressing down on the ballon and then pulling up to allow more flour in. I made a quick video to give you a better idea.

Now tie up your balloon and draw on the feet, beak, eyes, and wings.

There ya go - squeeze away!

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