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Taste Safe Slime

As most moms and teachers know, the slime craze is going strong. While slime is great for mixing and pouring and sensory exploration, for the littlest hands glue and borax aren't great. Here is taste safe slime, made from just two ingredients you probably already have that is perfect for some messy play with even the tiniest of tykes.

It's a new spin on an old favorite, Oobleck, a non-newtonian goo made from cornstarch and water. But this version uses yogurt (we got some on sale this week) and yields a less sticky concoction that is less runny and cleans up well. It's fully edible and unlike slime or Oobleck, it isn't a death sentence for your rugs and carpets!


What you'll need:

  • yogurt (without fruit chunks)

  • cornstarch

  • food coloring (optional)


This one is a no brainer. Mix yogurt and cornstarch in a one to one ratio. I used one cup of each. Add food coloring if desired. Mix first with spoon or fork then move on to using your hands. Add cornstarch a little at a time until your mixture is no longer sticking massively to your hands. It should be a little runny when held loosely without being drippy, and hard but not too crumbly when squeezed firmly. If you over do it on the cornstarch, you can add in a bit of water or yogurt a smidgen at a time.

Once you've found the sweet spot, hand it over to your mess maker for some fun playtime and rest easy knowing if it winds up in their mouths (or the dogs) it's not a problem!

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