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Brush Your Teeth

My kiddo has his first dentist appointment today, so we've been talking a lot about teeth. This morning we sat down with some paint and a toothbrush to paint a tooth of our very own.

This couldn't be any easier, or fun! The novelty of painting with a toothbrush made us giggle and we talked all about what to expect later today at the dentist while we "brushed" our tooth.


What you'll need:

  • Construction Paper

  • Pen or sharpie

  • White paint

  • Old toothbrush


Use your pen to draw a tooth on your construction paper, or if you aren't confident free handing it, you can print off, cut out, and trace one (like this one, perhaps).

I like to lay out some newspaper to protect the table, and then just tape down our art project right to that to keep it from slip sliding all over. Then squeeze some paint out for easy access.

Then get "brushing"! Encourage your kid to brush the whole tooth, and if they are able, to stay in the lines.

Once it was finished I added a little phrase at the top and we hung it up.

Hope this helps get your child excited for the dentist and give you a chance to tell them what to expect!

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