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Egg Carton Caterpillar

Wondering what to do with those left over egg cartons from Easter? Celebrate spring (it's snowing here - blah) by creating these little caterpillars. Pair it with a trip to the library for books about butterflies or get one of these and you can have an entire "unit" on caterpillars, their amazing life cycle, etc. Bonus - it's easy, fast, and you probably already have enough stuff at home to make it without a trip to the store.


What you'll need:


Start out by prepping your egg carton. Remove the lid cut the base in half. Then trim it up so you have two, vaguely caterpillar looking strips.

Then get painting! No need to paint the inside, unless you want to. My toddler and I had vastly different aesthetics.

Allow them to fully dry, then poke two small holes in the front and run your pipe cleaner through it. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to make some convincing antennae.

Glue on the googlie eyes. If your kiddo is still in the "putting everything in their mouth" stage, you might want to opt for drawing on the eyes with a sharpie. The googlie eyes tend to pop off and I wouldn't want them to wind up in any little bellies.

There ya go! A friendly caterpillar! Now, off to the library for some butterfly books (after ordering our own caterpillars on amazon)!

Just remember to put your new creation somewhere your dog won't find it...

This post contains amazon affiliate links. If you plan to purchase any of these items, please consider using the above links to do so to help "keep the lights on" here at ThisMomMakes. Thanks!

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