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Bunny Flower Vase

Turn your garbage into a charming bunny vase! I polished off a jar of gherkins at lunch and it was the perfect size for this craft. Given this requires a hot glue gun, I recommend keeping this project for older kids with appropriate supervision or for yourself during your little one's nap time.


What you'll need:


What ever jar you use, chances are the label will be tricky to peel off. I suggest peeling off what you can then soaking it in (very) hot water for ten minutes. While it soaks make a baking soda and vinegar paste and after soaking use your fingers to spread this over what remains of the label. Let it sit for a minute or so, dig in with your finger nails and finger tips to rub off the last bits.

In the past when I have used acrylic paint on glass it tended to scratch off and peel easily. So this time I tried mixing half paint, half Mod Podge. It took ages to dry, but so far it seems to be holding up well. You can skip this step if you don't have any. Once mixed your paint will have a textured look. Pro tip - use the jar's old lid to mix in!

Paint the jar. I did two coats but one will do the trick. No need to paint the bottom and a hand in the mouth of the jar will make it easiest to hit all the surfaces. Then wait. Longer than you think you need to. Overnight if you can do it. If you put pressure on the paint and it isn't fully dry it will squish/tear/ripple and otherwise mess up on the jar. (found this out the hard way)

While the jar dries, cut out two ear from your craft felt. Very lightly brush a little pink on one side. If you don't use a light hand, the pink will bleed through to the other side, which you don't want.

Once the jar is fully dry, use a small detail brush to add on your face. No need to mix this paint with Mod Podge. And you are like me, you may make a few mistakes, but you will find that a little spit and you can lightly rub away the paint if it is still wet.

Hot glue the ears, pink side down, to the rim of the jar. Then put a line of hot glue along the back side of the rim and wrap the twine around the top. Finish in the back with another dolop of hot glue.

There ya go! A cheerful little vase to bring a bit of spring indoors. Happy crafting!

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