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I love capturing my kid's tiny feet and handprints. I swear they get bigger daily! Here's one way to remember those pudgy little fingers and toes while brightening up your home for spring.


What you'll need:


Jump right in to getting messy! I set my toddler up in the highchair for maximum containment. We started by painting his hands yellow and making one set of hand prints on one of the pieces of paper.

Then I painted those adorable tootises. (Bonus - it tickles so you get some great giggles out if it too.) Just paint the ball of the foot and the toes. Those prints go on the second piece of paper.

While the prints dry, cut out a circle from your yellow folder. I liked using a folder because it was a nice sturdy weight, but of course you can sub in whatever you have - construction paper, poster board, even a paper plate (you just might want to color it yellow first.) I traced a medium sized bowl to get our circle.

Next, cut out the hand and foot prints.

Glue them on to your yellow circle.

Draw on a face and paint on a beak.

And most importantly - slap a date on there! Because I personally plan to shove this little guy in tub somewhere to be rediscovered at some perfect and movie worthy moment (like the day my kid comes home reeking of b.o. or crashes our family car or something) and then proceed to weep all over those tiny little toes.

Let me see how yours turn out!

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