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Easy Easter Egg Garland

Could this be any cuter or easier? This Easter Garland will brighten your home for only pennies and a little bit of your time.


What you'll need:


There are so many adorable things you can do with paint sample cards and I am sure you will see more of them featured in future posts. I love them. They are bright, cheerful, and best of all... free! You just have to do that thing where you pretend "Why, yes, I DO need one or two of EVERY SHADE in order to decide what color to paint my living room..." and then proudly stick out your chin own that pocket full of samples.

To get started, print off an egg template (I used this one, scaled down to fit my sample cards) and trace. Don't worry too much if a bit of the writing is on your egg. It isn't very noticeable on the finished product.

Cut out your eggs.

Punch two holes in each one, and string them on your twine. Two holes will keep them facing front. Thread them on to your twine, leaving about 1/2 inch to an inch between each egg.

NOTE: you will need to be strategic in your stringing. Please see the descriptions under the pictures below.

Happy Easter! (We're just going to ignore the nor'easter.)

To get one, continuous string like above, thread the eggs so they all face the same way.

To get a zig zag look as above, you will need to put a bit more thought into it. See how many eggs it takes to get across your space. Then string a similar number but facing the opposite direction. Then reverse and so forth. Otherwise when you "zag" your eggs they will be facing the wrong direction. (I found this out the hard way)

Let me see how yours turned out!

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