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Paper Towel Roll Bunnies

Is there any better time to do Easter crafts than during a Nor'Easter? It may be snowing bushels, but we are cozy and getting ready for the Easter Bunny around here.

These little fellas can double as napkin rings, egg holders, or stand on their own as cute decoration. They get your kids painting and gluing and you can adapt them based on what you have around the house.


What you'll need:


To start this craft, print off and cut out this bunny template. Squash your paper towel tube flat and line up the template as pictured below. Trace, and cut out being sure NOT to cut the folded edges. Turn your tube around and repeat on the other end. Ta Da! Bunnies!

Time for painting. I put my kiddo in a smock and we got to work. I only had primary colors so I mixed them with white to get more spring friendly colors. Pro tip: line a plate with foil to put your paints on for easy clean up. Also toothpicks make great stir sticks.

My little Picasso got frustrated trying to hold AND paint the bunnies, so I let him paint an extra paper towel tube and we dubbed it an "Easter Telescope" for looking for the Easter Bunny. He was happy.

Once your bunnies are painted and dry add a white stripe of paint on the ears.

I only had two sizes of pom poms and wanted the bunny nose to be small. So I cut off some pom pom fluff off a black pom pom then rolled it between my fingers to make a smaller pom pom ball.

Glue on your pom poms - a little one for the nose, medium for the cheeks, and a big one for the tail. Then glue on the eyes. If you don't have pom poms lying around, you can experiment with paint and cotton balls/q-tips.

Cut some circles from your felt and glue them on for tummies. Paper or paint work fine in you don't have felt.

There you have it! A little bunny whimsy to brighten up even the coldest, snowiest day!

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