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Leprechaun Gold Dig Sensory Play

An inexpensive and fun sensory game, the Leprechaun Gold Dig gives your kids a chance to discover gold coins hidden in green fluff for St. Patricks day! 

 A reminder: this is NOT taste safe and contains choking hazards so if your little one is still putting everything in his mouth, you should skip this one.


What you'll need:


You will love how easy this is: Spray the shaving cream into the bowl, add several drops of food coloring. (The more food coloring, the more likely this is to stain not only clothing/rugs but also hands, so keep that in mind)

Use your spoon to mix in the food coloring and coins, then just make sure you, your kid, and your house are ready for some messy play and have at! I had a bowl of water near by to deposit the found coins in to wash them off. Enjoy!!

 Now, for the sake of full disclosure - my 2 year old did NOT enjoy this. He did not like the way the shaving cream felt on his hands and burst into tears begging me to wipe him up. But of course, in true 2 year old fashion, the second I said ok and went to take the bowl of foam away he cried harder because he still wanted to play with it. So hopefully your kiddo will have a bit more fun than mind did. Please share your pictures of your kids looking HAPPY doing  this. 

 And what to do with that left over shaving cream? Well, I left the bowl in the bathroom to rinse it out in the shower later. My husband found it and decided to not let it go to waste! So not a total loss in our household!

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