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Edible Lucky Necklace for St. Patrick's Day

Who says craft time and snack time are mutually exclusive? Here's a sweet treat your little leprechaun can make, wear, and munch! This is a great activity for working on fine motor skills and for filling hungry bellies.


What you'll need:


Start by cutting a length of string, 1 1/2 to 2 feet long. Using a small piece of tape, wrap both ends of your string. This will keep it from fraying and make it easier for little hands to thread the cereal.

Cut out a shamrock from your green craft foam. Construction paper will work in a pinch, but it will tear more easily and become quit soggy when the time comes to nibble the necklace. To make a shamrock, I roughly draw three overlapping harts and then add a stem. Then punch two holes in the top (a hole punch will look neater, but I just jabbed my scissors through.)

At this point, I had my little one help me sort the cereal into color piles to get a some milage with color practice.

Reminder: Toddlers have zero self control. They will eat all the cereal. That's the fun part! Between bites, however, maybe they will manage to actually get some crafting done. :)

Go ahead an string the shamrock on, then have at with the cereal!

I had success saying "one bite for you, one for the necklace!"

And there ya go! You just killed snack time AND craft time! And now you have a happy kid, a festive necklace (which can double as a snack later), and you got in some fine motor skills and color practice on top of it. Let me know how you got your kid to do more crafting than eating!

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