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Make a Leafy Lion

The Lion Tamer and his Lion

Autumn has arrived and the beautiful leaves have started making their way to the ground. If you are looking for a fun and easy craft to connect your child to season, try this on for size! I was inspired to make this based on my son's halloween costume this year.


What you will need:

Head outside to collect a variety of colorful leaves, best to get "fresh" ones that don't crumble too easily. This is a great way to engage your kiddo in age appropriate chit chat, everything from simply identifying colors and counting leaves, to discussing why leaves change color! (Not sure yourself? Here is an easy to understand explanation.)

Head back inside and grab a sheet of paper.

Draw a lion's head, ears, and body, either of your own invention or follow how I do it using some simple shapes. (or you can download a PDF of the one I drew and print it off!)

Older kids can do the drawing themselves, younger kids can jump in to color the lion. I colored this one for reference, then let my little one add his own flare.

Cut out the head, ears, and body and go ahead and glue the body on to your second piece of paper. Then start arranging and gluing the leaves, layer by layer above the body.

Glue in the ears,

add another layer or two so the ears get a bit covered, but not totally,

then go ahead and glue on the face!

Finished Leafy Lion

Ta da! Your very own Leafy Lion. As the days go by the leaves will dry out and curl up, giving your mane some extra fluff.

I'd love to see how yours turned out! Leaf (haha) your pictures and comments below!

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